Our Philosophy

We believe that optimal health comes from living in harmony with our original design—body, mind, and spirit. Our evidence-based principles are:

Nutrition—plant kingdom is best for you.

Exercise—or lose what you don’t use.

Water—is the body’s best hydration choice.

Sunshine—is mood setting and bone building.

Temperance—balance in the good and away from the bad.

Air—fresh and abundant is a safeguard of health—step out often.

Rest—early at night and every Saturday to be in tune with the circadian rhythm.

Trust in God—your body will heal and thrive when your heart is anchored in God’s love.

Social health equals meaningful connection with others and purpose-driven duties for you.

Our Mission

To empower whole-person health by providing comprehensive primary care with an emphasis on prevention, educational experiences and resources for body, mind and spirit.